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Why Indian Students Want To Study Abroad

  • 18/03/2015
  • By World Study

There are several reasons why Indian students want to study abroad. There are two groups of students who want to study abroad depending on their motivation. One group wants advancement in their future and the other is looking for immigration. Some have foreign dreams and some want to acquire the degree from international universities. The USA is the Indian students’ top choice and then the other countries like Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, UK and some more countries are also recently becoming attractive for Indian students. 

We will explain some factors on which Indian students choose to go abroad for study.

Quality of Education in India

The overall quality of education in India is poor, especially the higher education so the students don’t see their future career bright as it should be so they choose to get a quality education from abroad. The poor quality of education may be due to many reasons like lack of efficient and experienced teachers/ professors, lack of efficient syllabus, lack of reputable colleges and universities etc. Students in Indian colleges and universities depend more on coaching classes rather than their educational institute.

Variety of Programs

In India the offered programs for the students are not of much variety, but if they go abroad to study there is a great variety of the programs at Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate level.  The programs and departments are even more impressive and valuable and offer much better faculties, facilities, laboratories and research facilities. The students can expand the horizon of their education and they have different varieties of subjects to choose like engineering, science, technology, and mathematics.

Career Development                                                                                                       

Students in India usually choose to study abroad to get higher education programs from globally ranked universities and colleges.  After earning degrees from the international top ranked institutes, they can experience good career development. The international degrees are also very valuable in the Indian job market so a greater number of Indian students prefer to study abroad. Some countries also provide post study work visa for giving them the opportunity to earn money as well as find many opportunities for the career growth.

Immigration to Settle Abroad

Many students study abroad, in order to immigrate and settle. The majority of the students after the completion of their studies decide not to come back to India for the variety of reasons. One of the major reasons is that the career opportunities in India are not enough to get a dream job. So the students prefer to immigrate for using their skill and expertise they have earned through the international level of studies. The salaries and facilities offered in those countries are also attractive enough to attract the students to go for immigration. Therefore, it can be said that studying abroad is an alternate to acquire a new passport.

Student visa has become very simple to get. Many study abroad consultants can simplify the process of study abroad Scholarships and the ratio of the students going overseas to study is increasing every year. More and more Indian students are getting enrolled in different international programs in different countries.