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Guide to Get a Student Visa for Indian Student

Just like all the other countries, in the recent years the Indian students can apply for a student visa to study abroad through a proper channel. If this channel is followed thoroughly, there will be no obstructions in the visa process and there will be more availability of ‘scholarships for Indian students 2015.

Requirements for a Visa:
The applicant must be in a possession of a valid Indian passport and the data in it must be up-to-date. The applicant must have the necessary educational qualification required to apply for the desired discipline. If any students applying for Graduation in any discipline, he or she must have the prerequisite degree of under graduation as well and it must be attached to his/her documents. This degree must be certified and issued by any recognized University in India. The grades must also be high enough which fall under the criteria of University Grant Commission. There are different tests which are required by the different International universities, these entrance test must also be qualified by candidates, their score in these tests will determine if they're going to get admission in that University or not. For example, GRE tests are required by most of the Universities in the USA to be admitted to the graduate programs. The students applying for the study visa must also take the test of the language being spoken in that language or the language, which is served as a medium of instructions in the university where the admission has been granted. TOEFL is a test, which is the Test of English as a Foreign Language. The cost could be very different depending on the university in which the applicant wants to be admitted. One thing must be kept in the mind while applying for study abroad scholarships 2015 and visa, the applicant must prove his or her intentions of coming back to India after finishing the studies, for this purpose he or she must also show his family history and links all around India just to assure the embassy officials that the aim of the applicant is to study only and not to get settled over there. The interview is only going to be the trickiest part, if the interview goes well, there will not be any problem in acquiring the study visa.

Scholarships for Indian Students 2015:
Every year, a number of scholarships are available to the deserving students, which get good grades in their disciplines. These scholarships are set either by the Ministry of Education of India or by the Universities itself, thus providing the opportunity to study abroad for Indian students. These scholarships do not necessarily cover the hundred percent expense, but they turn out to be very helpful for the students as they share their burden. The Indian Higher Education Commission is the responsible for managing these scholarships and it is a sole body, which makes sure that they are awarded fairly. ARO Postdoctoral Fellowships, SCCF Scholarships, ACFJ MA Journalism Fellowships, Human Development Fellowships graduate Scholarships are a few types of the scholarships awarded to the students in India; each one of them comes with its particular eligibility conditions.

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