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How to Estimate the Costs of Studying Abroad

It’s more than just a program fee when you study abroad because there are so many other expenses that are included in the cost of your study abroad. The cost of study abroad varies from country to country. Some countries are very expensive and some are quite affordable for the Indian students.  The cost of living also depends on the country and the city the student is studying. Also the personal spending habits are counted while estimating the total cost of study. The local students have to pay less as compared to the Indian scholars.  These other expenditures are also involved to estimate the total cost of abroad. Students check study abroad scholarships 2015 offered by different universities to waive off their tuition expenses.

The total expenses: The students have to pay their program fees along with the expenses for accommodation, food and traveling. There are many study abroad programs that cover all these expenses but it is not necessary that all the study abroad programs include these expenses. So, the students must be aware of this fact. There are scholarships for Indian students 2015 that help the students to study without paying their tuition fees.

Travel: The students must know if their program includes any travel? And if he has to travel, he must now where that trip will go and for how many days it will last. He must know the total estimated cost of traveling

Food: There are some courses that offer weekly stipends for the meals or some vouchers which the students can use to cover their food costs but it is not necessary that every study program offers such meal stipends. So the students before going for study abroad must estimate the cost of meals and food. These expenses are also a part of study abroad costs.

Transportation: The students are given the monthly bus pass but sometimes the students have to purchase it themselves. The cost of transportation is an important part of the total study abroad expense.

Study Materials: The cost study materials like notes, books, printer access, and art accessories have to be added up in the total cost of the study abroad. These are the types of expenses that are usually hidden and students are not aware of before applying for the admission.

Other Expenditure: There are much other expenditure of study abroad for Indian students like the expense of cellular phones and internet fees etc that the students are required to include in the total study abroad cost.

The students are required to plan their study abroad properly and must know all the expenditure before taking admission in any program. The students also search for the part time jobs in order to meet their expenses. The estimated cost of living in different countries are estimated as

USA: 15000-30000 USDUK: 7000-9000 GBP
Australia: 12000-18000 AUD
Canada: 15000-20000 CAD
Ireland: 10000-13000 EUR
New Zealand: 15000-18000 NZD
These expenses are to be added in the tuition fees of the university which varies from institute to institute and from country to country as well.

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