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Study in Ukraine for International Students

Today even children understand how important it is to get quality higher education. Only higher training, coupled with natural ability and strong desire to learn, allow getting a well-paid job. Unfortunately, not all countries, and developing countries in particular, are able to give their youth a decent higher education. This is why many young people prefer getting higher training abroad. For the moment, Ukraine is one of the best educational destinations for international students.

Of course, many other countries offer higher training for international students. However a vast majority of enrollees face difficulties trying to get a study visa to these countries and meet strict admission requirements. When choosing Ukraine for getting higher education, foreigners avoid a number of hardships and reap a bunch of valuable benefits instead.

Foreign enrollees can choose from a great variety of higher educational establishments of Ukraine. Many of these universities offer English medium, free courses of the Ukrainian or Russian language and have preparatory departments. All universities offering higher education for international students are accredited for providing this type of educational services and are recognized by numerous European organizations, like UNESCO, European Association of Universities and European Council. Moreover, degrees and diplomas granted by the universities of Ukraine are recognized worldwide.

Ukraine’s higher educational establishments are open for all foreign nationals, aspiring to get quality European education at an affordable tuition fee. Ukrainian universities charge the lowest tuition fee in Europe. Monthly living costs are also pretty low. Today about 200 thousand students from Africa, Middle East and Asia are getting their higher education in Ukraine. The most popular fields of study are Medicine, Engineering, Aviation, Business, Economics and Information Technology. The number of students coming to study veterinary in Ukraine has also significantly increased in recent years.

Ukrainians and local students in particular are very hospitable and friendly. Many are eager to help foreigners adjust to the life in a new country. Saying short, governing bodies of the Ukrainian universities take all possible measure to create a favorable learning environment and guarantee their students world-class education.

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