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Which US states offer the best chances of finding graduate jobs online

The report analyzes the number of jobs advertised online graduate work in every state, in relation to the number of graduate workers in the area. This is used to calculate US states that offer the best chances of finding a job online graduate in relation to the national average. Massachusetts is the top of the list, followed by Delaware (which has a high concentration of corporate headquarters) and the state of Washington (the home of tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon).

Also above the national average in this measure of job prospects graduate are: Colorado, Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, Minnesota, Texas, Iowa, Montana, South Dakota, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, North Carolina, Michigan and Virginia.

But in fact the most favorable for finding jobs online postgraduate place is not a state at all; is the federal, Washington DC district. Thanks in large part to the presence of the federal government and many international organizations, the ratio of graduate jobs advertised online DC per Worker College is three times the national average, much higher than any individual state.

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